2017 Award Categories

Nomination details can be found here. Please note that these are the *categories for the awards: all entries should be received by midnight in the UK on the 24th January 2017No new submissions or alterations will be accepted after this time.
BEST IN CLASS PRODUCT - use the product form
  • Storage Product of the Year
Data is at the heart of every IT operation and this award seeks to recognise products that have deployed cloud to provide economic benefit and assurance in the storage of data for UK organisations.
  • Security Product of the Year
Cloud is nothing without security. What product offers the best all-round protection? It could be about encryption or about authentication. It could be about protecting cloud services or be a cloud-based product. What does the best job of protecting UK organisations?
  • Productivity and Collaboration Product of the Year
One of the drivers that has fuelled the take-up of cloud is the ease with which it can used to collaborate with work colleagues and partners. Which product offers the most features to drive productivity?
  • HR Product of the Year
Cloud has been eagerly adopted by the HR community. Some of the first SaaS products served personnel departments and the trend has continued. Which are the HR products that have offered the best mix of usability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and new features?
  • Financial Product of the Year
SaaS has had a dramatic impact on the financial world, enabling greater efficiency and self-service through intuitive interfaces and standardisation of core tasks. This award highlights suite that offers the best cloud-based approach to financial understanding, whether that be accounting or financial analysis.
  • Cloud Management Product of the Year
Management and control of a distributed IT estate is arguably one of the biggest challenges facing today's CIO. This award seeks to recognise those products that give effective demonstrable control and reporting of cloud workloads.
  • Business Continuity Product of the Year
Many companies make their first use of cloud services through the adoption of a business continuity solution to back-up-on-premise capabilities. This award seeks to recognise those offerings that have proved to be reliable, cost effective and easy to adopt
  • ERP Product of the Year
ERP has had a reputation for being difficult to implement and manage, but a new generation of products is set to change that. Which new cloud services provide businesses with a new way of handling ERP?
  • CRM Product of the Year
Customer relationship management is another one of the disciplines that turned to cloud early on.  Which product is meeting customer needs and delivering the return on investment that sales directors are looking for?
  • Best Unified Comms Product of the year
Unified comms has become one of the biggest growth areas in technology as companies look to get the full benefits of integration between voice and data. Which company has harnessed cloud to best effect in this fast-changing market?
  • Analytics Product of the Year
Everything’s about data these days: collating and analysing data is at the heart of many organisations’ activities. Cloud has been a big driver in this so we’re looking for the best cloud-based analytics tool.
  • Most Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year
With heavy investment historically on-premise and in skilled IT staff, the cloud offers tremendous opportunities to drive agility, peak scale services and economical efficiencies. In this award category we are looking to recognise solutions that enable scale change in our largest businesses.
  • Most Innovative SMB Product of the Year
Technology is often created and tailored with the enterprise or the consumer in mind, but here in the UK we have over 2 million organisations with fewer than 250 employees. This award seeks to recognise the cloud product that has the most value to the small to mid-sized UK business.
BEST IN CLASS PROJECTS - use the project form
  • Best Public Sector Project (free submission)
(Open to delivery company and customers). There is far too much hype and FUD associated with the cloud. This award seeks to recognise real success stories relating to the adoption of cloud services and the transformational impact that was achieved. Open to end users and their service partners we are delighted to showcase the very best case studies of cloud adoption in the UK public sector.
  • Best Private sector Project SMB
(Open to delivery companies and users). Cloud has been played a real part in making small businesses more efficient. We’re looking for the best examples of how the technology has made an SMB run better: has it saved money? Has it delivered new services? Has it created a new way of working? Whatever the reason, we aim to reward the most innovative and transformative projects in the small and mid-sized business space.
  • Best Private sector Project Enterprise
(Open to delivery companies and users). This award seeks to recognise real success stories relating to the adoption of cloud services and the transformational impact that was achieved. We are delighted to showcase the very best case studies of cloud adoption in the UK private sector.
  • Digital Transformation Project
Digital transformation is the name of the game these days. Which organisation has done the best job of reinventing itself as a modern, digital provider? The judges will be looking at innovation and a good understanding of business need to determine the most complete transformation.
BEST IN CLASS SERVICE PROVIDER - use the provider form
  • Best Cloud Start-Up
Breaking the mould, raising the bar, or driving new economics is at the heart of the cloud revolution. Most new businesses in this era and basing themselves around cloud but which of the companies launched in the past couple of years is the pick of the crop. If you were founded in 2015 or 2016, do you stack up against the best in a competitive field?
  • Best Cloud Service Provider
The top award of the year is the Cloud Service Provider 2017, which seeks to recognise the single organisation that stands out in epitomising the qualities of a credible, trusted and respected CSP. Drawing on the award nominees for across the whole spectrum of this year’s award categories, the CSP of the Year will set a high standard of best practice, operational excellence and commercial success.
  • Best Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP)
Cloud often means juggling with a variety of technologies and, maybe, different providers. Users have to skirt a minefield of different options, which service provider has offered the best route through the treacherous minefield of cloud?
  • Best G-Cloud Provider
The government managed repository of cloud apps has provided many public sector bodies with their first taste of cloud. Which provider has offered the best service and range of features to government organisations? 
  • Cloud personality of the year (free submission)
An achievement award for the outstanding individual in the British cloud industry. The cloud is a significant and growing market now in the UK, but it has relied upon the energy, effort, evangelism and innovation of a number of pioneers across the UK market. This award intends to recognise a person whose contribution to the UK cloud market has an outstanding contribution to the progress that has been made to date.
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*The organisers reserve the right to amend the awards' categories if circumstances change