Entry Form - Product

Before entering please take the time to read the entry criteria.

All entrants for one of the product categories should note the following:

  1. All submissions should be made using the Product form below with any supporting documentation.
  2. All products should either be cloud services – as defined by the National Institute of Science and Technology – or support/manage cloud or be delivered by cloud.
  3. All submissions should contain detailed information on the product. This should include what the product does exactly; what element of cloud is involved; when it was released in the UK; pricing information and supplier information.
  4. All submissions should contain at least one supporting statement, this could be from a named user (with phone number and email included) or reviews.
  5. All products must be available in the UK and should have been released between 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2016.
  6. Submissions are accepted at the discretion of the judging panel.
  7. Early bird submissions must be received by midnight in the UK on 30th December 2016 and wil be charged an admin fee of £99+VAT.  Thereafter all submissions must be received by midnight in the UK on 24th January 2017 and will be charged an admin fee of £160+ VAT. No new submissions or alterations will be accepted after this time.
  8. Entrants should be prepared to nominate a named individual to attend the awards on 15th March 2017.
  9. The panel reserves the right to move a submission into another category if it considers that to be more appropriate.
  10. Submissions should be true and complete in all material respects and submitted with the formal acknowledgement of the Nominee.
  11. Any queries relating to how to complete a submission should be addressed to maxcooter@gmail.com.
Company details
Product/Service details
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(Supporting statements – please include contact details for any named person/s) (Unlimited)
(Reviews, analyst reports, etc - attached as an additional document. To upload multiple documents please use the .zip format.)